Current availability – Nursery 2019 registration now Open 5 places available.

Current Status of our classes:

  • Nursery – Full
  • Reception – Full
  • Year 1 – Spaces
  • Year 2 – Full
  • Year 3 and upwards – Spaces

We are now opening reservations for Sept 2019 Nursery. 75% reserved.

Please complete our registration form and send it back to us (First come, first served)

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NEPOMAK Shoe Box TV Post

NEPOMAK UK Shoe Box Campaign

Its New Years Eve and working hard for you guys. Ripped it and Stripped it down for an easy showing.  You can find the NEPOMAK UK Shoe Box Campaign recording on our YouTube page and right here.


Once again - Thank you all for participating.  Wishing you all A Happy New Year - right time to make the Vasilopitta

NEPOMAK UK Shoe Box Campaign

NEPOMAK Shoebox collection – Update

NEPOMAK Shoebox Collection – Update

Thank you to everyone that provided a box or two – it is really appreciated.  PIK TV were onsite and once we know the showing date we will let you all know.

Here are the photos of the boxes collected.  And Thank You to NEPOMAK for collecting the boxes.


Goffs Greek School supporting NEPOMAK SANTA Shoebox Campaign.

Parents and family members and friends

This year we invited everyone to assist in NEPOMAK Santa shoe-box campaign.

NEPOMAK UK, together With your help, will be delivering hundreds of shoeboxes filled with toys and much needed essentials for less fortunate children in Cyprus.
The presents will be donated to underprivileged children living in orphanages and attending Government funded schools a cross Nicosia, to list but a few:

  • H Pallouriotissa Primary School,
  • Agios Dometios Primary School
  • To Kaimakli Primary School

Collection from the school on the 25th November 2018

Click on the links for the FLYER and Guidelines


Goffs Greek School supporting the Union of Cypriots in Britain – Cyprus Independence Day celebrations

Goffs Greek School was invited to dance at the Union of Cypriots in Britain – Cyprus Independence Day celebrations on the 1st Oct 2017.

With such short notice the children had only a few hours to learn their dances the previous day.  Without much to say they performed well and the event organisers were very grateful that Goffs Greek School was able to help.

We would also like to thank the children and their parents for giving up their Sunday evening and supporting the community.

Video Link here

New School Build, New Walking Route

New Year, New Build, New Everything – What’s there not to like!!

It's 2017 - Happy New Year, and yes Goffs School have moved into the New Build over the Christmas term break.

What does this mean to Goffs Greek School?  We get to follow them.  It's new, Its warm, Its refreshing and best of all, someone is going to moan about it (I could of used "comment", but its never the case;).

Well, before you start, please bear in mind that the old building will become the new car park (to my knowledge) and hence all the below is temporary...

Now for all those ABLE BODIED INDIVIDUALS - Please use the car park off Dark Lane, unless you are doing a DROP OFF (that means, dropping OFF and not parking up) you can use the very small car park off Goffs Lane to drop your child off at the front gate (see drawing).  As spaces are limited at the front car park we like these to be available to "mums with prams", "people with disabilities" and space for emergency services.

From the Front Gate to the New Build you will see a distinctive letter g this is where the new reception entrance is located - simple and straight forward.

Right.  For everyone that uses the car park off Dark Lane and for those that probably spotted a new path being built on the green - THIS is the new way in from here (this also covers Zumba, Ballet, astro turf football etc).  It is temporary (expect it to be till end of term), but that is how its going to be for now. There are multiple duck and dive areas you can use but until we all adapt to our new surroundings it would be best to follow the path.