Goffs Greek School Covid-19 Risk Assessments & Procedures

With unknowns ahead of us we have created our own risk assessment taking into consideration all those other risk assessment and guidelines by our governing bodies and landlord over the summer holidays.

With such a small team of volunteers, it is impossible for us to meet each and everyone's guideline down to the word.  We have therefore drafted our own which uses common practices and common sense.  We the committee members are volunteers at the end of the day and we will not tolerate any condescending, aggressive or abusive behaviour. We can only work with what we are given and will do our best to keep everything running as smooth as possible.  We do this to keep the community spirit alive for as long as we can.

Your co-operation is appreciated and we hope you understand that these are unchartered waters for all of us and at some point in time we will be required to make the necessary adjustments.  All community schools like ours are facing the same challenges, some will fare better than others and that is why Goffs Greek School will always aim to achieve to the best of its abilities using the skill sets and resources we have to hand, given the current circumstances.


Goffs Greek School - Risk Assessment Policy & Procedures

Goffs Greek School - Risk Assessment - Updated 26/09/2020

Goffs Academy - Covid-19 Information

KEA (Cyprus Education Mission) - Guidelines in Greek

KEA (Cyprus Education Mission) - Guidelines in English - using Google Translate for those non-Greek readers of LARGE words!!

Greek Parents Association Guidelines