School Fees & Registration

Goffs Greek School is fully self-funded and no longer receives any grants in any form since the austerity measures that took place in 2008.  The Cyprus Education mission (K.E.A), supply a couple of teachers (paid by K.E.A) that are distributed across the United Kingdom, the number of teachers allocated to the Greek school has been reduced over the years.  All other teachers are supplied and vetted by the Greek Parents Association (GPA) and are paid by the individual Greek School operating under the GPA umbrella.

Goffs Greek School is happy to know that "Goffs Academy" supports our ethics and ethos to provide additional language and cultural activities to the Greek and Cypriot communities in the surrounding areas of Cheshunt in which we have a base to operate from.  An increase in rental for the academic year 2016-2017 was not passed on as we were able to absorb it through our fundraising events. With the move to the new build and facilities in January 2017 and in addition the GPA members have agreed that the teachers will also receive a wage increase the first in over 8 years, to keep and attract quality teachers, the fees will need to increase to cover these additional costs for 2017-2018. With the increase in pupil attendance since 2017-18 we can currently maintain our fees at this level for the forthcoming term 2019-2020.

We hope with all your generous support, assistance and kind donations throughout the coming year will help us keep the school operational for years to come.

Please spread\tag\share the word of our existence to the nationals that you meet within the areas that you live in as the more children we have the less requirement to increase fees in the future.  A sustainable school means it will always operate as long as it is financially viable to do so.

2019-2020 Fees 

1 Child £375
2 Children £645
3 Children £910

For children doing their GCSE, there may be additional costs to purchasing specific books which are no longer available in print or supplied by the Cyprus Education Mission (K.E.A).  Goffs Greek School has to get these books printed for the students and have managed to get them printed at a very reasonable price at £15 for each book.

For children in GCSE & Year 6 - Extra Lessons. With the new examination curriculum coming into effect in 2019 the Head Teacher has pinpointed that the year 6 students will also require access to booster classes.  In the past, it has been held at the Twelve Apostles Church who has kindly allowed us access to a room but limited the number of persons able to get there.  Since 2017 we have held these classes at Goffs Academy as it is centrally and easily accessible but it will come at an additional cost, unfortunately. This is to cover the rental of the classrooms. As it stands and until everyone commits to these additional lessons we anticipate an £8 per session (2hrs), per child. This will have to be an upfront payment by all those participating purely for commitment and to keep the costs FIXED for all those participating.


Registration is normally held at the beginning of term when we return back to school. We are also happy to take registrations for the new term or mid-term throughout the year as children especially the younger ones do not necessarily feel ready when they reach the applicable age and maybe a later entry stage is required.  We work with parents to help their children settle in, as a happy child is a willing child eager to learn in their new environment.

Registration Forms

Please download and save a copy of our Microsoft Word Application Form.  Complete and print a copy and bring it with you on the day or email it back to us.

If the Microsoft Word version does not open well on you MAC/Google then you can download the Application Form PDF format and complete it by hand.