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Goffs Greek School is part of the Greek Parents Association (GPA).

All schools under the GPA adhere to the same rules and regulations.

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GPA School Rules and Regulations

The following rules have been enacted after consultations between our governing body the GPA and the Cyprus Educational Mission for the following purposes:

  • To ensure the smooth running of the school.
  • To inform parents of the way in which the school is run and thereby enabling them to help their children more effectively
  • To enable pupils to readily understand the school rules in matters concerning discipline behaviour, absence, work in the classroom and homework and their relationship with their teacher and fellow pupils.

School hours

Goffs Greek School open term times on Saturdays are from 09.25 to 13:00 (the first Saturday of each month the school is open from 09:55 to 13:00)

Pupils should be at school at least five minutes before the start of school and are expected to attend the assembly before lessons. Parents should collect their children after lessons finish, from the designated area of the school, which is usually the school hall.

Parents of nursery pupils can collect children from outside the classroom, though for the safety of children we ask that only teachers and members of the committee, who have been DBS checked (previously CRB), to walk along corridors.

Parents who for whatever reason are going to be late in picking up their children must inform the school by telephone 07984 877920.

Annual enrolment

School enrolment occurs at the end of the academic year - at the beginning of July and the beginning of the new academic year in September.

School tidiness and cleanliness

It must be particularly stressed that the Greek school is accommodated in the classrooms of the English school. Accordingly it is strictly prohibited for pupils to: (a) tamper with any pictures, books, maps, writing instruments, games or anything else found in the classrooms or in the hallways and which is the property of the English school and (b) bring to school dangerous or sharp toys or items which would soil or damage the classrooms or the desks.

Prohibited Items

It is strictly prohibited for any pupil to bring to school any mp3 player, portable gaming consoles, or any other audio or visual device for musical or other entertainment. These will be confiscated for the duration the lesson and parents will be notified.

The school will accept no responsibility for damage, loss or theft of any personal items. Accordingly valuables such as expensive watches and other valuable personal items should not be brought into school.

It is the strict condition of the school that all mobile phones should be switched off or muted during lesson time. Any pupil found flouting this rule will be reprimanded and the mobile phone confiscated for the duration of the lesson

Conduct and discipline

Appropriate conduct is expected of all pupils both in the classroom and in the school premises in general. The school continually strives to cultivate a sense of self-discipline in its pupils and to create opportunities for discussion and dialogue and for the assumption of responsibility. An essential pre requisite for the progress of pupils is their conformity to the school regulation and the instruction of their teacher.

Pupils who do not pay attention in their lessons, disturb fellow pupils, regularly shirk from doing their work, cause damage, answer back, generally show that they do not respect their teacher and do not obey the rules of the school will be reprimanded.

The aim on the one hand to self – correct the pupil and on the other hand to maintain discipline and the normal working of the school. Action may include: – Contacting and informing parents, payment for whatever damage may have been caused, suspension from school and permanent expulsion from school. A decision for suspension or expulsion can only be taken by a joint decision of the school committee and the headmaster and only after the parents have been given the opportunity to comment on the matter. The parents have the right of appeal to the GPA officers.

It is strictly prohibited for pupils to leave the school during school hours.


Homework forms an integral part of the school work programme and pupils will be expected to take work home to complete depending on their age and class. In instances where the pupil is absent from school, it the pupil’s (along with parent/guardian) duty to obtain the relevant details of the work from his/her fellow pupils and to complete the work. If homework is systematically not being done, the parents will be informed in writing of the situation


The school should be notified of absences in advance. Pupils that attend regularly will be rewarded with a special Certificate of Attendance.

School shows

All pupils are expected to participate in school events such as the Christmas and end of the year concerts. School events typically include: The Sanctification Ceremony, Oxi Day, Sunday Church Service, Greek Letters Day, Carnival Day, Greek and Cypriot Independence Day, Easter, School Dinner and Dances.

School progress

Parents are informed of their child’s progress on OPEN DAYS, which are held at the school at least twice a year. Parents however who may wish to discuss any matter with a teacher may do so by arranging an appointment in advance with the relevant teacher. The school head teacher is available to discuss any matter of concern to the parents at a mutually convenient time.

School fees

The school fees are annual and payable in advance. Instalment plans are available. The Greek Parents Association reserves the right to charge interest on fees paid late. New pupils starting midterm are entitled to pay a pro-rata rate. The GPA reserves the right to exclude pupils from school in cases where there is non-payment of fees.

Greek Parents Association Policies

We have created a seperate page for updated policies & procedures and can be found here

GPA Data Protection Policy