Goffs Greek School prides itself on maintaining a consistent relationship with its teaching staff.  This, in turn, provides the children with a settled environment and one we hope that they can excel in their learning. Needless to say but "the parents must speak the language to the children at home, if not play music or cartoons in Greek" as this will aid them in their learning.

Our Head Teacher Maria Charalambous is happy to speak to parents and has an open door policy.

Teachers Name       Teaching Year           Allocated Class Room           Class Room Location          
Stephanie Gregory Στεφανία Γρηγόρη     Nursery G06 Ground Floor
Tea Bedford  Τέα Βedford     Reception G07 Ground Floor
Sofia Zoupa  Σοφία Ζούπα     Year 1 F07 First Floor
Ourania Papadopoulou Ουρανία Παπαδοπούλου     Year 1+ F08 First Floor
Irene Kardassi  Ειρήνη Καρδάση     Year 2 F09 First Floor
Georgios Vamvakousis  Γιώργος Βαμβακούσης     Year 3 F10 First Floor
Sofia Droumbali  Σοφία Δρούμπαλη     Year 4 F11 First Floor
Tina Raptis  Τίνα Ράπτη     Year 5 F12 First Floor
Maria Papageorgiou  Mαρία Παπαγεωργίου     Year 6 F13 First Floor
        GCSE 1 F14 First Floor
        GCSE 2 F15 First Floor
        Adult Teacher    
Antonis Ellis  Αντώνης Ellis     Dance Teacher Hall  
Stathis Mavromatis  Στάθης Μαυρομάτης     Music Teacher Music Room  First Floor